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Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning

All types of industrial equipment and pipelines, chemical cleaning of central air conditioning, boilers, high pressure water jet cleaning 1. Cleaning, condenser, cooling towers, cooling water filling, circulating water pipe cleaning 2, chilled water system, evaporators, coolers, fan-coil cleaning in accordance with the detailed requirements are divided into: General precision industrial cleaning, industrial cleaning, high precision industrial cleaning.
  General industrial cleaning including vehicles, and ship, and aircraft surface of cleaning, only removed compared coarse of dirt; precision industrial cleaning including various products processing process in the of cleaning, various material and the equipment surface of cleaning,, to can removal tiny of dirt particles for features; super precision industrial fine wash including precision industrial production process in the on mechanical parts, and electronic components, and optical parts, of Super precision cleaning, to elimination very tiny dirt particles for purpose.
  According to the different methods of cleaning include: physical cleaning chemical cleaning and physical cleaning is the use of mechanical, acoustics, optics, electricity, thermal principle, relying on external energy, such as friction, ultrasonic, vacuum, high pressure, shock, ultraviolet rays, steam method of removing surface dirt.
  Role of chemical cleaning is to rely on chemical reactions, using chemicals or other method of solvent remove surface dirt. As with all kinds of inorganic or organic acid removes surface rust, scale, with antioxidants remove surface stains, etc.
  Depending on the cleaning medium is divided into: wet cleaning and dry cleaning general cleaning in the liquid medium is called wet cleaning, most of the traditional cleaning methods for wet cleaning.
  In gas cleaning is called dry cleaning, laser cleaning, cleaning dry ice cleaning, plasma cleaning, UV