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The property maintains cleanliness

The property maintains cleanliness

Specializes in Office buildings, residential areas, industrial areas, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, hotels, daily cleaning and maintenance of the hotel. My company dispatch professional management personnel, training of qualified staff stationed in the field.
  We will be engaged by an owner, according to the actual situation, develop detailed cleaning programmes and professional door-to-door service, operate according to the plan.
  Our main unit cleaning, factory cleaning, supermarkets cleaning, road cleaning and so on.
  Main business scope:
  1, contracting the property maintains cleanliness; 2, exterior air cleaner 3, indoor and outdoor stone waxing; 4, carpet washing, 5, the stone material renovates; 6, stone face care 7, top pool cleaning, 8, insect pest for 9, green maintenance management 10, residential garbage transportation. 11, and waterproofing; 12, and seamlessly handle; 13, "four pests", 14, indoor and outdoor disinfection; 15, green design, green rent, green conservation management 16, community garbage transport for many years, our tireless pursuit of quality, customer-orientated service won the trust and support of our customers.
  Scope of business: shopping malls, factories, hotels, banks, offices, schools, residential areas, tourist attractions, public places, such as in property cleaning service for a long time. Wall cleaning, Interior and exterior wall renovation, property pioneer, vacuum the carpet cleaning, septic tank cleaning, air cleaning, sewage pipe replacement facilities, municipal roads clean, location of cleaning. Domestic cleaning, landscape construction and maintenance, wood floor polishing waxes, stone renovation of Crystal face processing. New homes decoration clear clean after land clearing, living, building garbage di