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Cleaning fume pipes

Cleaning fume pipes

, The cleaning measures and commitments 1, measure 1.1 cleaning, cleaning schemes and systems, from the inside to the outside clean.
  1.2, the implementation of personal responsibility, each carefully and complete the cleaning process.
  1.3 site operations, professional cleaning workers, quality and quantity to accomplish cleaning tasks in the time allotted.
  2, cleaning 2.1 scope and commitment, employee restaurants: pipe and fan, 2.2, the Chinese kitchen: duct and Fan; 2.3, Sichuan cuisine kitchen: duct and fan, 2.4, Western kitchen: fan; three 2.5, cleaner.
  2. 6, cleaning content covers a surface of Hood, hood in the shade, water systems, fire and smoke, as well as the cooking surface. Clean key sites through 3 exhaust, fumes pipe cleaning method:
  3.1,, manual entry method: parallel larger than 40 cm square flues can manually clean up into this larger intensity requires attention to ventilation, equipped with low pressure (36 kV) lighting.
  3.2, disassembly method: when flues when less than 40 cm square, constructed this method cannot be used to enter technicians according to the actual situation, every certain distance demolition period extends to both clean up the flue, this method works well, difficult, expensive.
  3.3 open-hole method: this method is for manual can not enter and remove the flue using this method is difficult, technicians use special tools for non-sparking opening either of one or more holes, hole size number, distance, according to the case may be, cleanup after the pipeline seal rehabilitation.
  3.4, cleaning machinery and equipment: for oil-less, short wash cycle the flue using this method to clean up, spray the pipe cleaner, making oil to soften, then 30-meter-long oil-driven flexible brush to scrub clean. This method is used for vertical flue 30 cm square, artificial inaccessible and inconvenient dismantling hidden small flue. This is not easy to clean and easy to accumulate oil shortening cleaning cycles.
  3.5, airborne method: this method is mainly used for cleaning more than 50 centimeters square vertical flue, technicians remove the pipe under the cut and most section, at a height of flue above a fixed safety ropes, put your seat belt on, technicians cleaned from top to bottom in vertical fume pipes and grease. This method is more dangerous, highly technical, the high cost of cleaning effect. As vertical flue oil collecting less in general cleaning once a year.
  Construction safety control and supervision of 4, 4.1, the fan opening before construction, excluding heat; 4.2, before entering the flue to make sure the temperature of the flue in the human body within the accepted range.
  4.3, before you switch off all flues, fan power, not live action.
  4.4, construction workers wear protective clothing, gloves and eye.
  4.5, prepared low-voltage lights (36V) 4.6, not smoking, not drinking on the construction site.
  Second, smoke pipe cleaning step 1, pipe cleaning 1. 1, workers will fan turned on, starts 10-20 minutes, confirm the temperature within the range of human exposure to, turn off the fan power supply.
  Safety of 1.2, completes the construction of anticorrosion measures dressed up.
  1.3, open the hood, with a good low-voltage lights, into the flue, construction workers to the surface with a special tool for removing oil grease removed.
  1.4, in the pipeline oil dish has a large quantity of liquid oils, swabbing oil powder drained the grease will be applied.
  1.5, more efficient oil remover, high-pressure washing machine for a thorough cleaning after the pipe with a cotton towel to dry.
  2, fan cleaning 2. 1, fan long time without cleaning, fan blade stacking lots of uneven oil, resulting in deformation of the impeller and fan running slow and not up to the blast effects of the fan.
  2.2, the fan apart, using special tools to remove the blade, impeller and fan of heavy grease, and efficient oil remover for cleaning.
  2.3, check that the blade is in good condition, then the fan installed.
  3, the Purifier clean 3.1, the operator should wear shoes, wear gloves.
  3.2, first switch off the power supply, open the Purifier.
  3.3, 80-100 litres of water in a container, add 2 kg special Degreaser, cleaner into a container, heated 15-20 minute.
  3.4, after you remove rinse both sides of the filter.
  3.5, check whether the Purifier clean clean, and irradiation with light purifiers, such as porous, prove that purifiers is cleaned, if not clean, repeat until clean so far.
  Four 1, cleaning equipment and supplies, cleaning equipment and cleaning tools:
  High pressure cleaner, safety rope, warning signs, towels, water, gloves, belts, buckets, cutter for removing oil, low voltage lighting, oil service, special opening machine.
  2, cleaning agents:
  Neutral cleaning agent, special degreasing agent, swabbing oil powder

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