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The external walls of buildings, glass, aluminum-plastic plate cleaning, installation and removal of objects from a height, exterior wall coatings painted crane steel roof truss, Rust removal, paint corrosion protection of metal structures such as tanks.
The external walls of buildings, glass, aluminium composite panels, stone cleaning, installation and removal of objects from a height, exterior wall paint, crane steel roof truss, Rust removal, paint corrosion protection of metal structures such as tanks.
Chimney to paint, protective stickers.
Depending on the building structure and wall material, dirt and surface adhesion, use professional cleaning agent for exterior wall and glass cleaner, use a hanging basket or wire, including water cannons, washing machines and other equipment for the operation.
Outside of the city walls experience rain all the year round Sun, normally would be dust in the air attached to the surface. To the overall aesthetic of the city, spawned a new industry in the modern city, building outer wall clean. Personnel engaged in such industries as professional trained workers to operate at an altitude of, operation using high altitude rope, safety ropes, upper plate (or hanging plates, hanging baskets, etc) for building exterior wall materials from top to bottom cleaning cleaning preparations, cleaning the dirt and dust. This high-risk, so safety is important in choosing the quality of action lines and safety ropes at the same time, and reasonable proportion of scientific preparations, to make the building outer wall clean, beautiful, clean, green, safe, and can allow the building external wall decoration material in prolong.
Cleaning this work, foreign technology more advanced than in our country, has long been the robot height in parts cleaning, and most of the city still used manual cleaning. Each have their advantages, of course. Domestic cleaning wall perfect for Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming, Xian, Urumqi and other cities. If you choose a qualified building cleaning company, be sure to carefully review the qualification procedures of the company, otherwise it will be wild cleaning cause unavoidable damage to your building!
Exterior cleaning method:
Cleaning for outer wall is a kind of air cleaning, is a powerful cleaning projects, exterior cleaning not only do cleaning, clean and tidy, more important is to ensure that the safety of cleaning workers at height. This requires cleaning air cleaning of construction personnel of the company has a very rich practical experience, and have a good management team and excellent security protection measures. The company from which to first address the security of construction tools, using DS pad cleaning method, by the person in charge of construction, individual responsibility, strict safety requirements for construction, in the hundreds in the construction of the outer wall clean without any incidents.
I. external wall of high-rise projects include:
High outer wall clean, senior high-rise glass-curtain cleaning, the outer wall whitewashes, high wall advertising installation because high-rise outside wall there is danger and complexity of the project, so the work has to have considerable scientific and professional. Our construction personnel are professionally trained and have many Spider-Man experience. We've been sit crane rope cleaning method:
1, slings (Spider-man rope and the multiplicity of nylon rope, diameter 18 mm lag is 240000 Newton-in-two and a half tons or so).
2, hanger plate (made of ash wood).
3, wire rope (diameter 10 mm).
4, u-crab buckle (steel).
II. external cleaning personnel must receive professional training and issuance of outer wall clean certificate to posts.
III. must be carefully inspected before work machinery, tackle, ropes, plates, locking, seat belts for damage, ensure a good mechanical properties and appliances free of abnormal operation.
IV. operation rope, safety ropes must be separated into two rigid fixation point, and tie a knot, rely on narrow necked to pad a soft, to prevent wear and rope, rope end must have contact with the ground, ropes were also to temporary safety ropes.
V. construction induction before put on overalls, wearing a helmet, seat belt before, safety locks (safety rope) and then fasten the base plate shackle (action line) to hang work under.
VI. next string, construction person in charge to give the command, construction workers should be helping each other.
VII. operation assistive devices to be tightly fastened. In case of wounding, slapstick and no laughing and carrying other unrelated articles.
VIII. construction supervisor and staff observation operation at any time ropes, elastic safety rope and rope, the rope phenomenon, found that the problem reports in a timely manner, ruled out.
IX. the upstairs care workers are not free to walk back and forth on the edge of the roof. When needed, you must fasten their safety rope, then aided work. The ground guardianship personnel shall not be read on the construction site, but not free to watch other scenes. And to stop pedestrians from entering dangerous areas and cord, throw rope phenomenon occurrence.
10. operation rope, safety ropes required when shift, from top to bottom, care workers and ancillary workers have to coordinate together in place, not to lay the rope when tied tightly

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