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Metro cleaning bent over rubbing moved all users

@ Shuttle Shenyang: be sure not to throw garbage to spit in the subway! Subway cleaning elder sister, the ground is to wipe n times a day. Subway is not easy, I Shenyang Metro, from Shenyang to treasure!
Yesterday about 12 o'clock, this Tweet from @ Shuttle Shenyang drew hundreds of friends forwarded, all heated discussion on travel behaviour. One wearing a blue shirt in the photo staff are paving-squat clean the stairs, she was wearing yellow rubber gloves, each with a rag. So an ordinary job, moved a lot of friends, also triggered netizens thinking.
@ Water sky: Yes, it occasionally saw people spit in the subway car, or throwing trinkets litter, very uncivil. But those who still disagree, only sad for them!
@LILI: everyone is away from home, mind your manners are essential, in addition to respecting the work of others.
@ White hakuyo: to improve people's quality, portable toilet paper. And heroic even fall, but smile; not just randomly spit, it is recommended that when you take the elevator to the right stand, leaving the left.
@ Leo Wei: those able-bodied persons with disabilities barrier free elevator man, Chase!