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How to clean newborn oral

Oral care is required in normal newborns, after feeding to clean stain under the lip, mouth, jaw, keeping the skin mucous membrane clean. Such as, mouth inflammations or other oral diseases oral care is needed.
Prepare supplies: a clean small bowl of sterilizing, saline soak cotton balls in 6 and 1 bottle of sterile liquid paraffin oil or boiled vegetable can, tweezers, cotton bag, teapot with warm water, a small towel in two.
Nursing care: wash hands, newborn side wall under the Chin and on the pillow with a towel to prevent the wet clothes and pillows. Tweezers holding a salt water cotton ball, wipe the outside of the cheek and gums, then wipe the surface in the gums and tongue, wipe each part, at least change the tampon. Be careful not to touch the throat, nausea and vomiting so as not to cause the child, causing suffocation. Cleaning wipe with a towel after the face and mouth, lips dry and coated with paraffin oil or vegetable oil, within the oral cavity applicator as needed. Note used in oral care items must be clean, disinfected before use. Cotton balls dipped in the solution can not be too much to prevent infant respiratory inhalation of solution; when lighter action, SpongeBob to clamp to prevent cotton balls into the back of the mouth through the throat and cause choking.