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Bathroom cleaning tip

Because the bathroom is a place must use every day, so if you do not pay attention in an environment of high temperature and humidity, it is easy to breed bacteria, hazardous to your family's health. If the bathroom has a window, it is best to always open to allow air circulation and, in addition, is to further promote the concept of the separation of dry and wet. When cleaning the bathroom, how to easily take care of? Jinan family cleaning company provides the following cleaning tips:
1. toilet:
Toilet easily contaminated urine stains, feces, dirt, if the weekday is not cleaned, it is easy to form macular stains and did breed mold and bacteria. Cleaning the right steps, should have a seat lift, spray and toilet agent inside after a few minutes, to thoroughly scrub with a toilet brush again, then scrub the toilet seat and other gaps. Due to the inner outlet of the toilet is where the dirt more easily, generally airbrush style toilet toilet agent, and not so good spray cleaning agent in the area, therefore, is best to use a unique duck head design (toilet), toilet, remove obstinately is filthy on the inside margin. As for lateral base of the toilet is easy to ignore the General but also cleaner spray and brushing again, wash water and oil, and finally, wipe dry with a clean cloth to the whole, can be bright as new. Finally, put a (your automatic toilet wash-free agent) placed in the toilet tank, daily cleaning, disinfection and cleaning work. However, remind the public, never put the different components of acidic, neutral or alkaline cleaning agent mix to avoid danger due to chemical changes.
2. the bath and wash basin:
Due to these two places easy to scale residual SOAP and, therefore, can spray some (bath kitchen universal cleaning agent), then use the cloth to scrub it again, you can restore the original finish. Regardless of the material and the tub or wash basin, best to use melons hard cloth or brush or scouring powder brush, so as not to damage the surface material. Clean way to shower heads and faucets from Taiwan region are mostly used in hard water, use long, lime scale in the shower water would easily blocked, so the best long shower head can be removed, use an old toothbrush to clean water, and removing needle from the inside, to make water properly. Tap hard water deposits, wipe the lemon slice can be eliminated. You want the mirror mirror appeared bright effect, with (steady clean glass cleaner) cleans, not only bright, with fog, dust-proof effect.
3. tile:
Heavier due to the moisture in the bathroom, if you do not pay due attention in the cracks between the tiles, it is easy to breed plaque. At this point, the most expeditious solution, is to spray some (your bathroom mildew-free), no laborious scrubbing, you can achieve the effect of mold, cleaning and sterilization.
4. shower curtain and mat: mat and shower curtain use after a period of time, inevitably there will be a breeding ground of plaque, at this point, you can use (your bathroom mildew-free agent) to clean, remove unsightly plaque.
Decontamination brine rattan furniture rattan furniture of time scale not only affect the appearance, but not health, but should not use ordinary detergent cleaning to avoid damaging the vines. Best to use a salt scrub, not only can the decontamination, would allow the rattan soft rich elasticity.
Porcelain products effective toothpaste is toothpaste clean wash porcelain products in place of things, such as washing, extrusion and brush your teeth normally uses about the same amount, with an old toothbrush or directly hand over her sink, rinse again, the effect is very good.