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After the toilet seat, you need to clean

Daily brushing a shine within the pelvic surface with detergent to remove sediment and stains, in particular, to carefully clean the edge of the following places. Clean and rinse with water after completion of toilet brushes, and sometimes washing with hot water and disinfectant. Vinegar door toilet cleaners that are available. Cider vinegar for 1 hour and then wipe rinse after. You can sprinkle vinegar several times.
Daily cleaning seat, flush handles, water storage tanks and around everything. This is due to many men, especially boys, failing toilets toilet bowls, splash urine, will fall to the ground and the wall, leaving millions of bacteria. Bathroom carpet on the shop, to use the toilet pad and regular cleaning. To clear old stains, first should will toilet basin within of water row dry, method is: will toilet brush Shang bundle Shang cloth block, caused and toilet basin sewage hole same of big not, into toilet basin within and quickly upper and lower Gilles, on can put water row dry, then, this bundle cloth brush Shang coated Shang clean agent, again turned coated to toilet basin inside, as stay long some, then flush, if still has a circle stains, can has floating stone or wet and dry sandpaper light wipe. Don't waste your money on a flushing agent, they are merely dyed bleach containing air fresheners, actually did not keep the toilets clean.