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Lixia cleaner next month with "insurance"

Starting from March 2012, lixia District Government will invest $ 8.7 million, purchase social security for the area of more than 1400 employees cleaning staff.
It is understood that the cleaner is to buy social insurance means lixia district environmental sanitation Bureau terms and conditions of fully employed staff. The specific content of the policy include: March 2012, the cleaning lady written labor contracts with the specified units, meet the age requirements of the cleaner began to participate in the social insurance (includes old-age insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance) and begin to pay housing fund.
Comparisions of the overage insurance conditions are not met, lixia district environmental sanitation Bureau will set up a personal account by lixia district finance has allocated 6 million yuan in special subsidies, subsidies when the cleaner out of the workforce to be honored at once.
Lixia district environmental sanitation Bureau operations section chief, MA told reporters, while cleaning staff takes the form of dispatch, but they participate in social security and the cost of granting special subsidies are implemented centrally by the lixia District Government funding.
Ma Kechang, said the policy undergoes the 2012 "ten things", lixia district will also continue to improve the wages of sanitation workers in the future, to further improve the employment system. Meanwhile, lixia district will also continue to improve the sanitation workers wages. To further improve the employment system, when there is a vacancy, recruitment to the public.