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Cleaning staff to "pick up" different color shoes was a "warm misunderstanding"

Xici Netizen's post drew attention of netizens. Post a few pictures in the picture a female cleaner, wearing two different color shoes pick up garbage. "Looking sad, shoes are not picked up? "Netizens have speculated. Yesterday, the reporter found the cleaning staff to understand the situation, it turns out, this pair of shoes is not picked up, but she's at the home, but was in a hurry, I found two shoes different colors. This pair of shoes is quite comfortable to wear, so just put your shoes out.
Wearing a gray and white shoes in his left foot, right foot is a Brown-and-white shoes, the cleaner what's sister? Yesterday, xici Hutong is a post made by the users caught everyone's attention. Post also comes with a few pictures, photographs, a female cleaner is cleaning up trash on the road. Strange is that the cleaning lady wearing two shoes, though the same style, but the colors are not the same.
"Yesterday saw sanitation workers to clean hard surface in the Confucius Temple, come to see her shoes, may be picked to wear it, sad......" the posting user matching the text to explain the situation. Subsequently, many netizens speculated, whether the shoes back and hope that the relevant departments can give them love. "Sad, that we can do, is less litter. "One laments. However, keen-eyed netizens. "The shoe is new, doesn't look like scavenged. "According to the provided clues in the photo, this reporter went to the Confucius Temple Wende bridge, female cleaning staff found the picture. Female cleaning staff high elder sister told reporters that she is 50 years old this year, and cleaning lady already has 4 years here, working 8 hours a day on average, sometimes on duty in the morning, sometimes on duty this afternoon.
Hometown in Anhui high elder sister had two children, Hefei, one graduated last year and is now a unit of practice, another study in Shanghai. High elder sister said, can get more than 1000 Yuan a month, leaders to care for her, have an emergency leave of absence may exercise discretion to consider.
Speaking of two different color shoes, high elder sister panicked, she said she didn't know will attract all the attention. Originally, this pair of shoes is her back more than more than 100 bucks, as chosen in a hurry and was not aware of this pair of shoes different colors. She told reporters that to take it back too much trouble, but these shoes are very comfortable to wear, her shoes out, not as exciting as netizens speculated, is back.