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Cleaning lady drivers out collusion to steal all the trash

Drivers joined a cleaning lady Cho, the company's copper materials hidden in rubbish bins, smuggled in a rubbish way to resell. Arrested suspects on the run for six months and finally, has now been Haidian District Procuratorate approved the arrest.
Zhang was a driver from electrical equipment company in Beijing, Zhao was the company's cleaning lady, two people a good relationship. One day in January 2011, Zhang Zhao found, their dissatisfaction with the company, and with my second company copper theft.
II people discuss long, finally came up with has a article since thought God not know go unnoticed of tricks: by Zhang a day night from company warehouse moved copper material store Yu warehouse door of garbage barrels within, second days morning by Zhao a is responsible for put with copper material of garbage barrels push to company outside of garbage station, night with plastic bags will copper material moved home, zhihou again by Zhang a put copper material pulled go sold.
After the deal, and the next day two will depend on account, with "trash" over more than 20 kilograms of copper theft from the company material, after Zhang sold copper road known as the rag man, money more than 1200 Yuan, and give to the Cho 350 Yuan. One day in February 2011, Zhang and Zhao again taking copper from the warehouse of the company in the same way over more than 20 kg, sold for 1250 Yuan.
See the first two thefts have been found, two tasted the sweetness after all the more daring. One day in May 2011, Zhang again in the company's warehouse, warehouse copper material moved to the warehouse door bin. But as the saying goes, in the River, which have no wet shoes. This time, when Zhang moved copper material seen by the security company patrol, although some security to find other security guards to catch thieves are taking advantage of the run, however, the company is according to the dustbin containing copper as a clue to find the company's cleaning Lady Zhao, a few under the admonishment, Cho finally revealed the truth.