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You how to do the daily maintenance wool carpets

Wool carpet tread is very comfortable, but its method of maintenance and cleaning, do you know? Especially in the North, the carpet looks dusty, easy off hair, how can we best wool carpets clean and maintain it?
One: must not be sent to the car wash to clean the carpet, so, easy unglued. (Woven wool rugs, weaving behind a layer of fabric, after washing can cause shedding. )
Second: carpet can't use the wet towel, this will reduce the life of the carpet.
The right way is: turn the carpet over and behind the beat with a stick, put the garbage out. Positive to stay 3 days once the dust. Hair for wool carpets, are normal, generally a year or so, floating hair clean off, you do not have this problem. Maintenance the correct words, wool carpets can use the 20 years or so.
There is if they do not really cleaning, domestic cleaning to clean, we have professional equipment. But you have to keep your regular vacuum.
If there are stains on the carpet, you can buy foam and cleaning professional carpet cleaning powder, follow the instructions for use, is important if you try their hand, must spread the cloth on the carpet and then dry with an iron.

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