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Mountain temple crowded busy cleaning lady 3 days over the weekend rubbish 10 tons

Two days on the weekend, organized by the thousand Buddha mountain scenic area "March" folk temple fairs of 173,000 tourists. And the volume of garbage is also very impressive temple fairs held three days cleaning up litter nearly 10 tons.
"To take advantage of the weekend to Temple, noon did not expect so many people, for more than an hour, but I couldn't squeeze into the reclining Buddha. "25th mountain temple fair visit Wang told reporters that the" March "is added on weekends, she knew that temple fairs visitors on a lot, wanted to pick when fewer people come back at noon, also did not expect to be crowded, with the crowd only small step forward.
Reporters learned that weekend two days of sunny weather, many people have been out of the House, come to Ascend, outing, Temple. Colored snacks allows visitors to take pace, Opera Opera concert, folk performances full of older people in front. "Young people like to go shopping to admire the view, our Opera is a music rarely listen to it a few times a year. "A lot of elderly people, now rarely heard original Opera, Opera on the annual temple fair is very welcomed by the elderly.
According to statistics, two days on the weekend, mountain temple fair popularity skyrocketed, 87,000 tourists and 86,000 visitors, respectively, reached the first peak of fair capacity.
"Many people, we are also busy, cleaning up even the pins are not. "On every platform in qianfoshan Park, scenic areas were arranged for staff to clean debris. According to reports, just near the main entrance daily can clean out trash, although some locations are only a few meters long, but cleared out more than 10 bags of garbage every day.
According to reports, the thousand Buddha mountain temple fair since its opening on 23rd, has accumulated nearly 200,000 tourists in three days. To this end, the scenic area management department specialized in the main resort adds 40 cleaners and cleaning was extended by three hours, a full day for continuous cleaning. Scenic spots in the main stage road, Plaza, and many additional parts bins, garbage day clearly. According to statistics, the temple three days cleaning up litter nearly 10 tons.