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Two cleaning staff duty rounds a year saves tens of thousands of Yuan

"The carriages broke Lee welding, car broke down Xu Shixiu. "When it comes to cleaning staff health and Xu Qin Li, bei Yuan men cleaning company cleaning lady were all thumbs. "That's our cleaning staff enthusiastic people in the compound. "
Lee's health, 33, said, "the garbage greasy, corrosive high carriage and iron are often rust damage, I learned welding as welder in their spare time, patching materials removed from used a tricycle. "The cleaning lady Yang said:" Although, Li did not rank card, but his welding job, not bad at all. "
Xu Qin-master, 51 years old, his car was a laobashi, we say, "where bad tricycle, master a shot, soon repaired. "Master Xu said humbly," I didn't do anything too difficult, is to give the wheels a change of bearings, broken spokes for two bars, rims not circle circle circle, I can fix it myself to save money. "
"The whole maintains cleanliness the company has more than 300 cars trike, both for at least a year to repair costs for units to save tens of thousands of Yuan. "Jiang Guangrong beiyuanmen cleaning company Manager said.