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Usually reserved for seasonal cleaning

Years ago cleaning staff shortage, and this time the market demand concentration. "The new year is approaching, traditional practices are cleaned the House and then the new year. With the change of family values, more and more people hiring domestic cleaners. "Jinan sunny sister Service Corporation Deputy General Manager Chen Ping said. In addition, many domestic workers chosen ahead of Homecoming, also exacerbated the shortage.
"Cleaning staff increase the speed of faster to catch up with the market demand. "Jia, head of the Jinan sunny Home Economics Services Ltd for you said that domestic market demand increased at the end of, the existing number of cleaners can not meet. It is understood that because usually the cleaning market is not prosperous, most domestic companies fixed Professional cleaners limited market demand until the end of centralized, tensions quickly formed.
In this regard, several domestic companies said, cracking the cleaner "end of waste" and needed social changes the traditional concept of cleaner, leading more people to join the ranks of domestic workers, while seeking to stock up on seasonal cleaning staff. "Usually live for a long time can do nothing until the market need centralized, quick response. ”