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Supermarket cleaning lady open years resigned his salary is too low to keep people

Yesterday was the last day of the new year's holiday, Mr Huang, who found the public, located in Nanping clean turntable a supermarket rather than usual. It turns out that nearly 30 cleaners in charge of the cleaning work in the supermarket, just a half year resigned. The beginning of the year, maintains cleanliness the profession recruitment difficulties, employment started to appear.
Cleaner's resignation
Mr Huang Nan Ping Tian long, who lives in Garden City, is a regular at Nan ping ball superstore. "A normal supermarket floor shiny, heart happy. "Very satisfied with Mr WONG supermarket environment can last for one or two days, the situation has changed. Gate to throw seven worst eight umbrellas, are dripping on the stairs, piled up garbage on the corner, supermarkets are found scattered in the vegetable leaves.
What's it all about? Yesterday morning, this reporter went to the supermarket, supermarket entrance, 65 year old mother-in-law holding sleeves were MOP the floor.
"I'm busy from 6 o'clock in the morning to now, there is a lot of garbage before. "Liu's mother-in-law wears blue overalls, supermarkets cleaning is outsourced to the company as a whole. She said Liu last month about nearly 30 at the supermarket cleaner, new year's day this year, is responsible for cleaning the supermarket immediately resigned to 88. "Like my class this morning, a total of only three or four people do the cleaning, it is not to do. "She said.
Too low wage
The beginning of the year, cleaning why resign? Only several cleaners on site confirmed that a claim that the salary is too low.
Sanitation workers who said they were employees of a cleaning company, responsible for cleaning the supermarket. Cleaning monthly fixed salary plus performance bonus is 1000 Yuan of income, working time is 8 hours per day to work overtime, a lot of people don't think salaries are too low.
She said, she and the Manager said, after the expiration of January, she wouldn't dry cleaners anymore, going home with grandchildren.
Promotional staff to participate in the cleaning
"Cleaning is contracted out to other companies in our supermarket, cleaning suddenly resigned, supermarkets cleaning does become a problem. "Supermarket officials said Mr LEE, supermarkets can get promotions, staff involved in cleaning.
Undertook the supermarket cleaning head cleaning company said more than more than 30 cleaners only about 15, he admitted, cleaning treatment is really low, the cleaner I would think that there is no future.