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Low pay out cleaner quit Assistant part-time cleaning

Starting from the new year's day, Nan ping turntable Wal-Mart shopping public find, cleaner than the supermarket. Yesterday, reporters revealed, thinks his salary is too low, 18 cleaners on new year's day, the supermarket's resignation. Today, leaving only 4 cleaners in hold position. Faced with this situation, supermarket Clerk had to be self-reliant, while selling swept.

Began new year's day to the supermarket and suddenly dirty
Mr Huang Nan Ping Tian long, who lives in Garden City, almost every day, he goes to Wal-Mart supermarket in Nanping turntable around. However, starting from the new year's day, Mr Huang has found an unusual phenomenon: cleaners significantly reduced in the supermarket, supermarket entrance and a fresh fruit stall dirty a lot than ever before. At that time, he thought it was holiday shopping caused by too many people, but in the next two days, the situation is more serious, can be seen at any time in the past of cleaners in sight.
Yesterday in the supermarket, supermarket within the underground entrance staircase is full of plastic bags, peels and other junk, and fresh fruit stalls, too late to clean up the leaves pile up on the aisle side.
Reasons for

Reporters in the supermarket looking for a cleaning lady. Liu, 65, has been responsible for the cleaning of supermarkets. She was holding the sleeve was busy sweeping the floor. She told reporters that the Wal-Mart supermarket, clean all outsourcing, who comes from outsourcing cleaning company "Yi-Sheng-hung". "We used a total of 22 cleaners, class 3. Members only 1000 fixed monthly wage, a lot of people don't think salaries are too low, so in January 1 this year, 18 people have resigned and left. Such a big supermarket, plus the shops outside the supermarket, how do you say 4 people, supermarkets can say almost no one to sweep, how dirty? I don't want do for a few months. "Liu said.
Supermarket clerk part-time cleaner
Supermarket owners, Lee told reporters, according to their understanding, the janitors 1000 Yuan a month salary from "Yi-Sheng-hung" pay, no face cleaner suddenly resigned, the supermarket sweep, they were also in negotiations with the company, its manpower deployment, immediately resume cleaning. Current supermarket so that salespersons, sales will take part in the cleaning work.
Reporters later learned from Nan ping a number of shopping malls, supermarkets, the cleaner's monthly salary ranges from 900 to 1300, and "Yi-Sheng-hung" 1000 fixed salary paid by the company, belonging to the middle and lower levels in the industry.
Low pay cleaners
In this regard, "Yi-Sheng-hung" Zeng Liguo, head of the company, admits that the janitors did resign too low wages, they are preparing to deploy to reinforce other cleaners supermarket. But this does not solve the problem. "Cleaning the gap is too big. "Zeng Liguo said that now a lot of people think that cleaning low pay, dead-end, work intensity, making it difficult to recruit workers. Even recruiting, but also older people. With the increase of human resource costs, at present, the industry is facing cleaning difficult dilemma. Approaching Spring Festival, cleaning jobs, labor more highlights. To this end, they're ready to guarantee 1000 Yuan a month under the premise of fixed-wage, cleaning time to distribute bonuses to retain people.