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How household appliances should be cleaning?

Take a clean piece of cloth to drink the milk dip it expires, then use the cloth to wipe the table, wooden furniture such as cabinets, decontamination works very well, and then wipe again with clean water. Painted furniture stained with dust, damp gauze-wrapped tea leaves to wipe, or scrubbing with cold tea, more bright and clean bright. Cut the white radish with cleaner scrubbing the kitchen countertop, will create unexpected cleaning effect, Jinan cleaning company can also use sliced cucumbers and carrots in place, however, white radish works best. Plush sofa available fabric brush dipped in a little diluted alcohol sweeping again, then use the hair dryer to blow dry, juice stains on the case, use 1 teaspoon of baking soda and mix thoroughly with water, then use the cloth to wipe on, stains would diminish. The sink in the kitchen and there is often a layer of oil, happened to have just finished Apple cores that are available will be grease cleaned off, it is because the fruit contains pectin, pectin removes grease effect.
Faucet cleaning: when cleaning the tap, do not use acid or alkaline liquid to clean it. In addition, nor with a coarse cloth or steel wool for cleaning, otherwise it will be leading napped affect the use and surface appearance. Leather sofa cleaning: use a damp cloth to gently wipe the sofa, stained with grease stains on the sofa, available dilution of soapy water to wipe. Is in need of attention, do not use hot water to wipe it, or sofa because of high temperatures, making skin deformation. Appliances-cleaning: prior to initial use of electrical appliances, electrical plugs and wires should be checked to ensure no moisture, under safe conditions before use.
In particular, electric kettle, electric water heaters, rice cookers, disinfection cabinets appliances and equipment make sure you read the instructions before use. Jinan Procter kittens is the cleanest animals, like cleaning, bathing and grooming is not only for aesthetic reasons, cleaning, and can prevent and treat skin disease and external parasites, and promote blood circulation, metabolism, health and disease prevention role. Meanwhile, cats clean and healthy, and conducive environment for indoor cleaning, bathing and grooming are important to cats. Bath water without drowning kitten, best water temperature 30--35 ℃. When you are ready, the cat slowly into the tub, according to the head, neck, back, abdomen, arms and legs brushing in the order. Prompt in action, as far as possible to complete in a short time, change the water rinse immediately with a dry towel dry kitten on the body, if it is a longhair cat, it is not suitable to use towels to wipe, preferably with hair dryer comb blow-drying.