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Winter Jinan 24 cleaners, cleaning the garbage bin with bare hands as "Internet celebrity"

This days, carried insufficient one months of 24 age cleaning Member Yu Chenggang into has celebrity, worked of when was stopped footsteps at with he see, enthusiastic public run to to he sent except scale agent, even wear casual buy fruit are was sold fruit of Uncle recognized to, city Chengguan Council also in global carried out has to he learning of activities, these sudden of respect or, admired or, are let is less than think somewhat suddenly.
Became famous, he admits that
I am actually doing their job
Recently named "spring City Ladies" friends, cleaning lady Yu Chenggang wipe skin with bare hands in the cold box of pictures on Twitter, just a few days time, netizens will be forwarded 1878, nearly 500 comments, photos in which he was red with cold hands and clean trash can is particularly conspicuous, it was immediately awed by netizens.
Yesterday morning, the correspondent met in seven weier road intersection was cleaning is less than. "Really nothing, I'm just doing my job. "Less than most word this is the conversation. He told reporter, like himself such of age engaged in cleaning work of does not more, and usually work of when also often will was stopped to at with himself see, also will was directly asked why so young to dry this, "I always with a sentence ' I like ' to answered they, cannot denied, I does like this work, than up I zhiqian do had of decoration, and handling like of work, cleaning Member apparently stable many, I think this copies work is good, intends to good dry down. "
Less than say, from dry cleaners on the first day of last year gave themselves the work standards: clean, clean, "this is my work, my goals to be completed, and cleaning the garbage bin is the standard one, so I do is their own work. "
The public was moved by
Send detergent back pay the phone bill
Less than told reporters that the mother for many years in hospital, the father's income is not high, so this job has become the maximum protection of the family as a whole, do a good job in order to keep their jobs.
Less than say, when I first came to this cleaning, garbage bin full of oil, himself from home using a detergent, laundry detergent and disinfecting solution since got cleaner, Pack cloth and steel ball to work, spent two days before garbage bin three within their area of responsibility completely wiped clean. But his family was not rich, home TV does not know how many years ago, but only a cell phone is already down four months are not willing to renew. Less than told reporters that myself to save every penny, sometimes conveniently pick up scrap selling to support their family, "treat your mother because, in addition to routine expenditure, other expenditure not mobile phones are also being used as a specialized tool for listening to music. "
However, his work after Internet sensation, than also got the attention of many civic-minded, "yesterday had a big sister pulled over, gave me a bottle of detergent, not always himself against the cleaning agent said later, this good, I'm not willing to use it. "Less than also told reporters that the elder sister to charge their phone number, said after what he called," when I left her phone, she just told me to charge my phone, so family members can't find my, I would like to decline, but the elder sister and left immediately. "Yesterday, the reporter saw less than when his mobile phone has been able to answer the phone.
Buy the fruit to see my mother
Was commended by vendors recognize
Said up a night fame, is less than said to himself brings of effect also is not small, some see had micro-Bo of public passing himself of area will particularly note, "will note put garbage alignment has threw to peel box in, see I clean also will is kind to to I way, I is thanks they on we cleaning member work of understanding and support, also hope they can put this understanding with to all of place. "
In addition to working on the support, is less than a lot of praise, even near the bridge to sell fruit in the eight man can know him. Less than told reporters, the day before his off duty, nearly two months not being able to see my mother, then went to the hospital to see his mother is going to buy some fruit, when buying fruit near the bridge in eight, "I didn't know that Uncle sells fruit recognized me immediately, praised me while I study help me known as fruit, so I'm sorry. "At this point, less than face red, obviously a little shy.
Reporters at the scene were randomly interviewed two members of the public, for less than the approach that they mentioned was admires. "I think this guy is a good, dedicated, few young people now, and if every child can like him, then wouldn't society be more harmonious? "Members of du's aunt told reporters. Passing by Ms Ng said, if less than such people more, so the city naturally cleaner, love will be more of this society.