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Reporter experienced domestic cleaners worked hard for a long time took a dust

For a long time, of domestic industries, especially cleaning services, always gives a "stretch hands can do" impression. On January 6, the reporter followed with domestic staff to experience public home cleaning services and found that this work is far easier to imagine, to make the customer satisfied is more difficult. Dirty and tired at the same time, domestic service there is a certain risk, sometimes, customers have to bear misunderstanding and suspicion. All the hard work, only do it for yourself to experience.
Home service for the first time, journalists chihuandong careless.
As the year of the Dragon Chinese new year approaching, many citizens choose to employ the household for its own housecleaning.
All glass clean, polished but not easy to
6th, at 9 o'clock in the morning, reporters with "intern" identity and agency cleaning lady with Bin Zhang Jinan eight or nine points, Alex came to the public house, service content is wiped clean all the Windows. "Glass no problem, done. "The journalists hugged at the start, but the real work still feel the difference between professional and amateur.
Bin Zhang next to let reporters in to watch. "To use a brush, shovel to sliding window card slots and sweep the dust out of the border. "Bin Zhang says, because once water flows into the tank would be difficult to wipe out. Followed by "double sided magnetic glass wipe" cleaning twice, and finally dry with newspaper or cloth "modifies" corner.
After a short training, reporter "concrete actions". But the cleanup slot used for five or six minutes. "Glass clean" are not too handy, first forcing the window didn't suck half of, away. Finally cleaned it again, Windows has become the "painted cats". Bin Zhang more than 10 minutes had been wiped out in a bedroom of the three Windows, each fan is clean and bright. "Double glazing 20 minutes can do this. "Bin Zhang says, if reporters working speed, it had long been customer complaints.
After you clean the glass, but also with a damp cloth to clean the window frames, reporters hold wet rag hand obviously felt the biting wind, to shiver in the chill. See the way reporters, Bin Zhang says with a smile, dry winter frost is common in home economics. In his hands, the reporter saw at least three cracking open.