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Jinan 8 days clean chip 1750 tons of firecrackers in the period 700 tons

New year when初七because first day, many businesses are open on this day, many people would have been in the streets and a "door gun" awakened. Tens of thousands of firecrackers and the tumult of the shell, splendid fireworks color ... ... Seismic noise throughout the city. "Door gun" sound, less clean up firecrackers, and this will allow housekeepers suffer. Only 71 days, chip town cleaning up some 210 tonnes of firecrackers.
100,000 heads of whip
Ring for more than 10 minutes
29th at 8 o'clock in the morning, in front of a unit on West Jiefang road, a few hanging heads firecracker Qifang, crackling, large red confetti falling in the smoke, passing members of the public have raised eyebrows.
8:20, reporters along the culture from East to West, East, businessmen on both sides of the road in front of firecrackers continued. "The first day of the new year, guabian, good luck, and add to the festive atmosphere. "Hua Dong Lu, a King of the shop owner said, opening the day before" door gun ", which is a tradition in many years.
"Our shop is run by small businesses, large companies, large enterprises door gun discharging more prosperous, just ask the people setting off firecrackers in front of ... ..." Lishan Road South section of a restaurant owner said, watching the shell not far from ringing in the air.
Fang Lu quancheng road, road from Lishan to culture, from the Mountain Division road, Heping road, reporters noted that the gate of the many organizations and businesses have firecracker debris, or being set off firecrackers and Fireworks. In particular banks, shopping malls, especially "deep pockets." Lishan road outside a Bank, more than 10 firecrackers hanging more than 10 meters long a swing toward the door, and no discharge is quite spectacular. Bank Jiefang road, in front of several strings of firecrackers has dozens of meters long.
About 9:30 A.M., Jinan hung firecrackers in front of the Department store, with the sound of explosions, Firecracker up, rang continuously for more than 10 minutes, front square covered with a thick layer of "red carpet".
"Door gun is a celebration. "A staff member told reporters," setting off a total of 10 fire crackers in the morning, and a total of 100,000 head. "
"Small shops at the entrance, usually not dew ... ... But today, that's firecracker gongs, deafening, the momentum is pretty big! "On the Internet, many users are" drying "the first day on my way to work.
In an interview, the reporter noted, setting "open gun" is not only a business, many departments and units have joined in.
200 meters of the road
Swept back and forth over more than 20 times
"Our Chinese new year not on holiday, if on leave, so much junk one? "In Lishan road and Heping road intersection, sanitation workers are cleaning the firecrackers and old hole says. 29th at 5 in the morning, he came to the Heping road and Lishan road road sweepers, not long after, firecrackers were heard.
"Until 11 o'clock, and the sound slowly stopped, from work to the present, light firecrackers rubbish swept three bags. "The old hole says.
Luoyuan Avenue is a road in the provincial capital the business set. About 9:30 A.M. 29th, sanitation workers soup will heap on the side of the firecrackers stuffed into garbage bags, each hold a tricycle and taken to a nearby dumpster.
Looking at himself this 200 meter section of soup said with a wry smile: "from the first unit to set off firecrackers in the morning, I swept back and forth over more than 20 times on this road. "Because he is responsible for the section of street shops open at different times, often just finished cleaning up the side, there is a start.
Army Day Jingshi Road overpass near several large piles of Red firecrackers in front of company. Housekeepers cleaning up after setting off firecrackers in front of a company, then go back to cleaning the front of another company. Some firecrackers for convenient skin, only to burn them, then clean the remaining ashes.
In accordance with the provisions of the regulations on the sanitation of Jinan City, health units in charge of cleaning up the street should be in front of stores. On January 18, 8,227 Jinan City Council sanitation worker initiative of the community, and hope that the general public and the business of firecrackers during the Spring Festival. 29th noted in an interview, roadside merchants set off firecrackers, but sweeping the firecracker scraps of a handful, mostly cleaners work.
Provincial 8 days clean chip 1750 tons of firecrackers in the period 700 tons of
On 29th, the reporter learned from the City Management Bureau, Jinan, Chinese new year 8 days, provincial 1750 tons of firecrackers were clearing debris, over the same period last year 2450 tons of waste was reduced.
At the urban management Bureau in Jinan City cleaning waste statistics for Fireworks, 29 up to the lunar new year this time, the city's estimated 740 metric tons; evening "towards God" put followed by Fireworks, also reached more than 200 tons. Other days, the average daily amount of generated waste in more than 150 tons of fireworks and firecrackers. "From 29 to new year arrest 7 days, Fireworks in the total amount of waste generated is estimated to be 1540 tons, plus when初七because ' door gun ' some 210 tonnes of waste generated, the provincial capital 8 days 1750 tons of firecrackers were clearing debris. "
Firecrackers rubbish statistics produced last year, during the Spring Festival last year, from 30 to when初七because this 8 day of the year, were cleaning the scraps of paper more than 2,450 tons of fireworks and firecrackers in Jinan City. "Compared with last year, this year's garbage volume reduced by 700 tons of fireworks. "Firecrackers rubbish and public enthusiasm of setting off firecrackers down related to firecrackers and prices generally rose.