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50 manual power clean cleaning cars appeared in the provincial capital of Jinan to the streets

Pushing a car along the road along the path around, hidden in the road curb and sidewalk at the corner of dust to be "sucked" into the sweeper. Recently, Jinan lixia district Chengguan Council early introduced of 50 Department cleaning cleaning car in provincial capital Jinan Street debut 2nd morning, reporter in Yanshan community see, this Department cleaning cleaning car by artificial implementation produced power, wheels part and cleaning machine connection in with, machine close ground of place has two a round brush, people in implementation process in the, round brush automatically turned, will ground of dust sweep into round brush above of a collection box in the. "Compared with human dissection, which not only saves energy but also swept clean, efficiency is very high. "Sanitation worker Tang Shifu told reporters, while sprinkled with a handful of stones and mud on the floor, after results push Sweeper, stones and mud were swept into the collection box.
"Sweeper uses, reduce the intensity of sanitation workers, while improving the efficiency and quality of work. "Undergoes the Chengguan Bureau said, in daily when cleaning the road, currently used for cleaning and manual picking methods, manual pick up sanitation workers were picked up one by one the kept bending over to pick up dirt, manual cleaning cleaning car applications, more user-friendly.
It is reported that mechanisation swept into the community, into the streets, is one undergoes the urban management Bureau. This year the Council plans investment 9 million Yuan acquisition large water tankers 6 Department, and small machine sweep car 20 Department, and multifunctional electric garbage picked up car 120 Department, in guarantee primary and secondary road scour cleaning job of based Shang, will more advanced of mechanized job to sidewalk, and has job conditions of streets, and open community, at extends, formed large vehicles concentrated deployment, and small vehicles collaborative combat of mechanized joint job pattern.