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Life teaches you cleaning in common sense

In the Shandong provincial capital, cleaning is very important! Today to talk about some cleaning tips.
1. rattan or bamboo products used for a long time will have scales, discoloration, salt water, decontamination, and the toughness of soft pine. Usually kept clean with a wet towel to wipe.
2. smoke, ashes or burning matches burning times will leave scorch marks on the furniture finish. If you just finish burned, toothpicks and covered with a layer of thin rigid cloth to gently wipe marks. And then coated with a layer of wax and burn marks can be removed.
3. hot dishes directly on the furniture finish, leaving a very hot mark. General use kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or tea wet cloth to wipe, or with iodine in the very hot mark gently rub or apply a layer of petroleum jelly every two days and then wipe the burn marks can be removed with a cloth.
4. trademark wipe the furniture would leave adhesive residue is sticky and dirty, coarse eraser works well, gum erasers can also be used on the floors.
5. white desktop, white chairs in the House is easy to get dirty, and cloths are not easy to wipe away dirt, try using toothpaste on a clean cloth, just gently wipe furniture stain will be removed. Not too big, don't go breaking paint.