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Our company is a company specializing in cleaning industry, tap is a must in our daily life at home, in order to ensure the health of themselves and their families, we must tap the daily cleaning, here are some faucet cleaning tips:
1, apply toothpaste to clean the surface with a soft cloth, then clean the surface with water, do not use alkaline cleaning agents or scouring pad, steel wool rub test, so as not to damage to plating surface.
2, in the single-lever mixer, slowly open and close, double-handle faucet you will not be able to turn off a too, otherwise it will make the stop cock off, cause can't shut, not water.
Part 3, the outlet will always have foaming device, because the water quality issues, often leading water occurred after a period of time, it may be because foam debris jams, spinning under bubbling water or used for needle to clear debris.
4, some of the leading brands of imported surface plating treatment is quite thick, but its deadly