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Floor moisture is very important, not only in construction, we should pay attention to budget changes, leave enough gap in life should also pay attention to the waterproofing of floor maintenance do not wash, keep the floor dry.
Solid wood furniture maintenance is to keep the gloss, weekday special furniture cleaner, furniture wax or wood essential oil evenly over the surface of the furniture, and wipe lightly, otherwise it will damage the paint film is not conducive to protection of furniture.
Do not use SOAP, detergent and other cleaning furniture, or wipe with disinfectant wipes, they contain alcohol can damage furniture surfaces. If there is moisture penetration into the early because the additive of the surface has not been completely finished the volatile, not moldy, but after the once volatile additives, moisture will lead to musty, expansion and deformation of the furniture.
Metal and iron furniture such as scratches, under conditions of high temperature and high humidity are more likely to rust, sandpaper scrub the rusty places can not be used, apply oil to wipe.
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