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Our company is engaged in civilian facilities and industrial equipment systems cleaning and property management, the stone material maintains renovates, Spider-man, cleaning equipment and cleaning agent sales, training of personnel, management, services for the integrated company. In family life, to introduce the following cleaning of common sense.
1, smoke, ashes or burning matches burning times will leave scorch marks on the furniture finish. If you just finish burned, toothpicks and covered with a layer of thin rigid cloth to gently wipe marks. And then coated with a layer of wax and burn marks can be removed.
2, if the furniture, paint scratches, did not touch the wood, furniture color crayons or paints that are available in the furniture wound paint, covering the exposed ground, and then wipe them with a transparent Nail Polish thin layers.
3, electrical switches such as electroplating often touch, tarnished erosion in sweat, often smear Vaseline to prevent salt erosion.
4, the usual waxing regularly for leather, wooden furniture, bi-Rachel and other supplies that are available, only the usual maintenance to freshness.