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Commonly known as high pressure gun, is divided into electric type high pressure cleaning machine, fuel type high pressure cleaning machine, while and has hot and cold water of points. high pressure cleaning machine, is through power plant makes high pressure column plug pump produced high pressure water to flush objects surface of machine, it can will dirt stripping, rushed go, reached cleaning objects surface of effect, flush ground, parking,. electric type has 220V and 380V voltage of points, according to work electricity environment to selected. has vertical and horizontal of points. outdoor cleaning can select fuel drive of cleaning machine more convenient. < br /> Second, washing cleaning equipment
Wash to clean equipment has brush to machine, hand push type wash to machine, driving type wash to car. wash to machine also said wipe to machine or single wipe machine, can used to cleaning ground, and up wax and cleaning carpet, wash Hou produced of sewage need sucking water machine cleanup (sucking carpet and hard ground of sewage device has small difference). hand push type wash to machine and driving type wash to car is side ground cleaning, side sewage recycling of automatic wash to machine, efficient clean, saves many personnel cost, While improve clean efficiency. hand push type wash to machine is divided into wire type wash to machine of and battery type wash to machine, battery type operation Shang more convenient, not by wire length of bound, but using time and on battery maintenance is important. property community, and factories enterprise, and Mall building, and school hospital, cleaning big area hard ground, according to clean work environment selected hand push type or driving type models.
Third, sweeping the floor cleaning equipment
Sweep clean equipment has hand push type sweep machine and driving type sweep car, this machine in sweep clean ground of while will dust away, one-step, efficient clean, saves personnel cost, while improve clean efficiency. hand push type is divided into no power sweep machine and has power sweep machine, has power of cleaning more clean, speed faster. with this machine to cleaning open parking, and indoor parking, of dust, and garbage, and confetti, and leaves,.
Four, vacuum cleaning equipment
Cleaning company main with to is commercial with sucking dust device, barrels type sucking dust device, and erect type sucking dust device, and back type vacuum cleaner. barrels type vacuum cleaner cost lower, but its sucking dust rake only sucking to carpet surface of dust, and erect type can sucking to carpet roots garbage, main is because its sucking rake with roll brush, combs carpet hair of while will dust and garbage vibration out, timely was strong of suction sucking go, purchase cost above barrels type sucking dust machine many, in domestic using penetration not high. back type vacuum cleaner main with in barrels type and erect type cannot clean of place , Such as lobby the air cleaning, home cleaning obstacles such as smallpox need to operate on a more convenient place.
Five, hair dryer cleaning equipment
Is clean work Shang essential of clean equipment, building door, and Hall or bathroom, easy wet of place are to with to, timely blow dry ground, effective prevent for ground too sliding caused personnel fell injury, has general three speed hair dryer machine, luxury hair dryer machine, its difference is luxury more has push round handles, convenient using, main used to blow dry ground, and carpet,, also can as wet weather Xia of moisture emptying.
Six, polishing and cleaning equipment
Polishing clean equipment has high-speed polishing machine and mobile polishing machine, main with in waxing Hou polishing or ground wall surface polishing. currently need waxing of ground of compared less, wax surface to polishing keep light, then need big area polishing should used vertical high-speed polishing machine, small area or wall surface selection portable polishing machine. currently part stone nursing used crystal surface processing way compared more, but for ring oxygen to ping, wood floor material, waxing polishing also is is must.
Seven, water cleaning equipment
Sucking water clean equipment has sucking dust sucking water machine, main used to sucking water, also can used to sucking dust. According to situation purchase barrels loaded capacity and power size of models. normal situation hard ground sucking water, single motor can meet, double motor efficiency more high, General used double motor sucking water machine compared right. If with in carpet, soft ground sucking sewage must select double motor above of models, or efficiency slow, even sucking not clean.
BA, stone cleaning equipment
Cleaning company contracting clean project in the including stone, hard ground of nursing, ground laying various natural stone, and artificial stone or tiles, has marble or granite, different type stone, need bright effect must equipped with stone Crystal surface machine, is divided into aggravated type stone Crystal surface machine and professional Crystal surface machine or stairs Crystal surface machine, with this machine through grinding polishing material and ground produced chemical role, formed Crystal, is we by see of smooth, this crystal hardness high resistance wear, Translucent. Add heavy stone soft hard to adjust the weight is based on the Crystal surface, professional type is generally a fixed weight, Crystal main staircase the stairs when refurbished planes. well the machine may be equipped with sound, can be brought into effect, such as in stone conservation agent, renovate grinding disc purchase.
Nine, carpet cleaning equipment
As cleaning company cleaning carpet is must of, equipped with perfect of package carpet cleaning machine can let clean service work more professional, carpet cleaning machine is divided into carpet dry cleaning machine and carpet pumping wash machine, steam cleaning machine. carpet dry cleaning machine through bubble bursting cleaning carpet, wash Hou can fast dry through, big to in 2 hours around can input using, but its only cleaning to carpet surface, is medium-term maintenance carpet models; due to long time used dry bubble cleaning way, carpet in accumulation dirt too more, at should used carpet pumping wash machine, Can completely cleaning to carpet roots, side spray water side scrub side sucking dry sewage, three-in-one function, is long-term maintenance carpet models. front introduced of brush to machine and aggravated type stone Crystal surface machine also can simple cleaning carpet. except carpet pumping wash machine yiwai, other machine wash finished blanket Hou are need equipped with sucking water machine for sewage recycling processing, then again with carpet hair dryer machine for blow dry.
Ten, escalator cleaning equipment
Cleaning company contracting clean service object many, some high-end trade building, and property community upper and lower floors will has escalator machine, ride escalator machine of people volume than larger, also through people brings of dust easy fell into escalator inside, normal hard clean to, then distribution Shang escalator clean machine is most ideal of match, just will this machine put in escalator machine of bottom end, escalator machine normal opened, can automatically clean will dust, sweep clean.