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Our company is well-known in the outer wall clean service enterprises, management of product quality, reasonable price, won the trust of friends! small numbered below we briefly introduce the outer wall clean operation.
1, high lift (rope): workers using the hanger plate (rope) declined to specify the location for construction operations. this construction is convenient, flexible, high safety factor and so on. Meanwhile, occupy less resources, can reduce the impact on the owners of daily life to the maximum extent
2, hanging baskets: erection of roof basket to transport workers to the specified location for the construction operations. this construction cleaning efficiency, high cost
Altitude 3, spider: the spider cars, dollies and other equipment to transport workers to the specified location for the construction of the platform operation. construction limitations of this large, generally applies to below 36 meters high difficulty projects. due to high costs, rarely used.
BMU 4, orbit: reserve track when part of the high-rise building gondola, this construction with hanging basket, but easy to move
5, indoor double-sided cleaning: some glass exterior window cleaning using two-sided magnetic glass, suitable for indoor operation in this manner, but with lower efficiency, reliability, use more of the South. due to magnetic force reasons, almost no effect on insulating double glazing
Our market-oriented, backed by the strength, with the times, blaze new trails, and constantly open up product markets, and build a strategic platform for sustainable development, with good products and excellent service, returns the user in good faith. welcomed the consultation to discuss!