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Following combined with our wealth of experience working in this industry for many years to learn carpet cleaning methods and points for attention:
Eliminate pet odors in carpets with vinegar
4 temperature rises of 4 cups of vinegar in water, wet dry with a towel after cleaning. Vinegar will not only prevent carpet discoloration or fading, but also eliminates pet odors (soda also has a deodorizing effect). After cleaned, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry. Carpet dust removal method when the carpet is cleaned, you can sprinkle some salt, can inhibit the function of the dust. Because salt can capture dust, even the small dust particles, can also clean clean. Meanwhile, also makes carpet is more durable and regular bright colors erase the way the coffee stains on the carpet
When you accidentally spilled coffee on the carpet, you can with a dry cloth or paper absorb water and mixed with an equal amount of spilled wine and alcohol on the stains, dry dry bupai cleaned. When there is no liquor, vinegar would have the same effect. In view of this, if there is leftover wine in the House, can be put to good use, maintenance cleaning at home.  In addition to coffee, including easy food color stains such as tea, you can also use the same method to clear. Removing glued carpet of gum solution
With plastic bags of ice covered in chewing gum on top gum set, by hand after pressing the test until the gum hardens completely, then use a brush or toothbrush to remove, and brush thoroughly with a brush.  Do not use diluted chemical agents, so it will damage carpet, candle. Maintenance and collection of carpets in summer
After using carpet for some time, the best change of location so that they wear evenly. Once uneven in some places gently, gently enough ironing steam iron or hot towels can also be used. Such as carpet closure, soggy hot water, wipe with a clean towel and comb through straight, wet pad with an iron bushunmao iron, can be restored.
In summer, if you need to temporarily store the carpet, be sure to clean carpets, and then dried in the shade, patting dust loose on the carpet after the pest control agent, against hair rolled up, remember not for hooking in the hard ground beat, cause damage to the carpet latitude and longitude lines. Finally, sealed in plastic bags, put in ventilated and dry place. In addition, the carpet must not open storage, or may even make carpets were insect or Sun-faded appearance.
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