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Now because of the high price of natural stone, stone imitation goods is increasing. Stone conservation need regular cleaning, for stone cleaning cleaning the following cleaning company in Jinan to provide you with relevant information. Due to the different materials of stone, stone cleaning agent that is used is different.
Silicate stone is mainly composed of silica or quartz-like particles. This stone is very durable and is easy to clean, weak acid with a mild detergent. Class silicate stone including granite, Slate, sandstone, quartzite, russet sand and stone.
The main ingredient is calcium carbonate of lime stone. This stone is very sensitive to acidic cleaning product, and silicate stone replaced more often than cleaning supplies. Calcareous stone including marble, limestone and Onyx. For silicate stone cleaning supplies are not necessarily suitable for lime stone.
Difference between silicate stone and lime stone class, a simple acid sensitivity testing can help you differentiate. You will need just a few drops of vinegar and an eyedropper. Because this test might be permanent corrosion of stone, so the test should be selected from the interface of the stone plate a few inches. At stone surface away from the edge one-fourth and drop a few drops of vinegar. If it is stone gray stone, it will corrode. If corrosion had little or no corrosion, that this stone is stone the silicate class.