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Expensive leather sofa is very few people know how to properly maintain, today small to share how you properly maintained leather sofa:
First, and on new acquisition of skin sofa, Chongqing cleaning recommends first with water wash wet towel, twist dry Hou wipe to sofa surface of dust and dirt, again with nursing agent light wipe sofa surface a to two again (don't using containing wax quality of nursing products), such in leather surface formed a layer protection film, makes future of dirt easily in-depth leather pores, easy yihou of clean.
Second, to avoid a sharp object scratched leather.
Third, Chongqing used furniture recycling in order to avoid grease stains, ball-point pen, ink and other dirty sofa. Such stains on the sofa should immediately use leather cleaner to clean, if there is no leather cleaning agent, use clean white towels a little alcohol wipe gently blot, dry wet towels to dry for later use, and finally with protective agent care.
IV. Sofa day-to-day care wring a wet towel to wipe about leather cleaning agent to clean the sofa for 2-3 months, or with a household vacuum cleaner suction sofa surface dust and so on.
V, in order to extend the service life and avoid jumping on the sofa playing body of sweat is not direct contact with the sofa.
VI, sofa placed to leave 5-10cm, to maintain it.
Finally, avoid direct sunlight sofa, living room often sunlight, may from time to time to prevent sofa intermodulation location color clear; if humidity place, you can use 8 to 10 points in the morning's weak exposure to the Sun for seven days, 1 hours a day, about 3 months doing it again.
Eighth, scrub clean leather sofas clean way can not be used above (apart from oil on the leather), used thin copper brush gently brushing, restoring its appearance.
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