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1, and color pattern beautiful of carpet, people see people love, who also not willing to let it early to "turn pale", to let carpet day long Milton new, best is regularly with vacuum cleaner to carpet for full detailed of cleanup, weekly for has law and more completely of sucking dust, makes dirty real not embedded velvet head within, because dirty real will in bottom up grinding role, to accelerated wear. In the dirt before did not enter into the carpet pile, cleaning is a way to remove the dust and impurities are both effective and economic method, in order to obtain a better cleaning effect, when before the vacuum cleaner bag in a full State, should clear the clutter. Especially not to wait until there is more dirt into the carpet fibers and then clean up.
2, be sure to vacuum clean the carpet before using detergent. Don't hit the carpet too wet to avoid loss and their organization back, very easy to let the carpet dry. If wet conditions are too severe, and may even begin to rot decay at the bottom.
3, removal tools and dust removal method will affect the choice of cleaning effect. Equipped with a rotating dust brush vacuum cleaner, you can more effectively sucked clean the dust in the carpet.
Carpet cleaning tips
Pour 500 ml of water in the pot, then add two or three drops of essential balm, or a total of dew, clean the carpet with broom dipped in the mixture of water, can make indoor air moist sweet son, also play a preventive role of mosquitoes in summer.
Eliminate pet odors in carpets with vinegar
4 temperature rises of 4 cups of vinegar in water, wet dry with a towel after cleaning. Vinegar will not only prevent carpet discoloration or fading, but also eliminates pet odors (soda also has a deodorizing effect). After cleaned, and then in a ventilated place to dry. Carpet dust removal method when the carpet is cleaned, you can sprinkle some salt, can inhibit the function of the dust. Because salt can capture dust, even the small dust particles, can also clean clean. Meanwhile, also makes carpet is more durable and regular bright colors.
Erase method
When you accidentally spilled coffee on the carpet, you can with a dry cloth or paper absorb water, mix equal parts white wine and spill alcohol on the stains, dry dry bupai cleaned. When there is no liquor, vinegar would have the same effect. In view of this, if there is leftover wine in the House, can be put to good use, maintenance cleaning at home. In addition to coffee, including easy food color stains such as tea, you can also use the same method to clear.
Clear the way for adhering to chewing gum on the carpet
With plastic bags of ice at the top of his first, gum dissolved. By hand after pressing the test until the gum hardens completely, then use a brush or toothbrush to remove, and brush thoroughly with a brush. Do not use diluted chemical agents, so it will damage carpet, candle.
Worth noting is that carpet cleaning do not use toothed edges or rough tool, it can damage carpet fibers. Such as carpet closure, soggy hot water, wipe with a clean towel and comb through straight, wet pad with an iron bushunmao iron, can be restored.